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Ideas for Selling

Never chat up your business without a business card on hand.

Have prepacks of a business cards offering a free facial, plus a sample & a couple of pieces of candy to hand out to everyone you meet, come in contact with and talk too. I ask people how many offices they have? The response is usually one or none. I always tell them they have multitude of offices your office goes with you where you go. Carry these pre pack business cards in your purse/murse office, your car office, home office, work office and your trunk office. Your office is everywhere you spend time with or in.

Suggestion: Use Prima Wraps’ lip n tape 3 x 5 Branded Mary Kay Cello Bag (self adhesive) – Available in Silver or Pink

Have prepacks of the opportunity to join the Fabulous Mary Kay Sales Force. When approaching a perspective team member, never pre judge to think well they already have a good job why would they join Mary Kay? Always offer the opportunity you never know where that person is in life and might need an outlet from the everyday grind, they might be looking for a side business for fun or business write offs, they might be looking for another job with flexibility or it  may give them the opportunity to make more money than they currently are making, they want to make some extra cash for a special event in their life, vacation or Christmas and finally simply they are out of a job.

Suggestion: Use Prima Wraps’ lip n tape 9 x 12 Branded Mary Kay Cello Bag (Self adhesive) – Available in Silver or Pink

Conducting classes next to your mirrors always have a gift just for coming. You can’t bring the entire Mary Kay line but you can now with the Famous Mary Kay Look Book by placing it in a cello bag with a business card so the potential client can get a hold of you after the class, and another look for the person featuring a new debut colour look or holiday glam look. Then tie the bag with some beautiful Branded Mary Kay ribbon so that your guest can feel extra special by just coming and getting this little swag bag prepared especially for them.

Suggestion: Use Prima Wraps’ 7 x 15 cello bag – Available in Silver or Pink & Branded Mary Kay Ribbon – Available in Black, Pink and Fuchsia

More selling tips to come from Kelly….stay tuned